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AkuShaper Discount Code – 20% OFF an AKU subscription for 6 months

This year, we’ve partnered with AkuShaper (Hawaii) to provide surfboard shapers with a discount off their board shaping and design software package.

Nearly half a million boards are produced each year on AkuShaper’s integrated hardware and software surfboard shaping package. Used by names such as Tokoro, Lost, RMS and Cabianca.

For the backyard shaper or the serious professional. Get 20% OFF an AKU subscription for 6 months when you use our code:

SurfDek x AkuShaper

Using innovative materials and tooling we can create precise, bespoke traction pieces for your custom and stock board shapes. Our super premium pads dramatically improve the performance and aesthetics of all types of boards – surf, kite, wing, foil, adaptive.

Working with your AkuShaper software package we can create you the most customised pads available globally. These can feature sweeping curves, sharp angles, logos, artwork, text, cut throughs, drop edges and unique traction patterns. You can benefit from very low minimum order quantities – as little as 1 unit even, very fast turnaround and worldwide delivery.


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