Image by Leanne Jones Photography

Surfing Grip Pads | Hex Pad Packs

SurfDek Hex Pads are a minimalistic modular grip pad system to customise your surfboard traction. This is a new brushed foam formula, meaning no diamonds or pyramids. This creates an even better board feel whilst still maximising grip.

Our hexagonal designs mean you can customise how you want you traction pad to feel under your feet, as well as how much of your board you want to cover. Unlike traditional waxes, SurfDek traction pads are cleaner, less hassle to maintain and do not melt into our seas and oceans.

Extremely light and non-aggressive to your skin. These brushed hex pads offer superb grip under-foot.

The core purpose of a tail pad or grip pad is to provide a high level of traction and stability for your back foot, it's that simple! Surfboard deck grips, tail pads, or traction pads are used as an alternative to surfboard wax to keep your feet on your surfboard, this is especially important when doing turns or airs.