English Adaptive Surfing Open 2022 – The Wave

English Adaptive Surfing Open 2022 – The Wave

On Thursday 7th July 2022, SurfDek visited The Wave in Bristol for the English Adaptive Surfing Open 2022, supported by Surfability UK and The Wave Project. Competitors from all of the world gathered to compete in Bristol’s wave pool and were greeted by a glorious day of sunshine to go with it. It was inspiring to see so many people with disabilities completely overcoming them and not only riding waves, but performing in the surf.

Great conditions, incredible athletes and a bustling sense of community.

A full gallery from the day can be found below.

Images: SurfDek

SurfDek Adaptive Surfboard Traction

Hannah Dines, who came second place in the Para Surf Prone 2 class can be seen here using our Hex Pad traction to help keep her on the board. Our Hex Pads work incredibly well for adaptive surfboards as they can be places modularly where they are needed. In Hannah’s case, she used them just under her arms and down either side of her custom JP adaptive board by her legs.

Images: The Wave

English Adaptive Surfing Open Results

Here are the results from the day.

image of the winners of the English Adaptive Surfing Open 2022
Image: Surfing England
Para Surf Prone 1

1 Parker Olenick

2 Nicolas Gallegos

Para Surf Prone 2

1 Mark Hagger

2 Hannah Dines (SurfDek Traction)

3 Karen Darke

4 Spike Kane

Para Surf Stand 1

1 Ben Moreau

2 Giles Long

3 Joe Dillnutt

Para Surf Stand 2

1 Nachman Yariv Balulu

2 Pegleg Bennett

3 Zoe Smith

4 Louis Sutton

Para Surf Stand 3

1 Alon Avisar

Para Surf Sit

1 Spike Kane

Para Surfing Kneel

1 Llywelyn Sponge Williams

2 Martin Pollock

3 Victoria Feige

4 Isaac Heaher

Para Surfing Vision Impairment 1

1 Thomas DaSilva

2 Ashley Greenaway

Para Surfing Vision Impairment 2

1 Melissa Reid

2 Alexander Shub

3 David Lewis

4 Michelle Ann Macfarlane

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