Introducing SurfDek: Surfboard Traction Now Made In The UK

SurfDek Traction Pads

This year [2021] I’ve been working on a new project called SurfDek. We can now design and supply modular, customised (including logos) and fully bespoke surfboard traction from our factory in the North East.

Feel free to give me a message if you want to talk traction for your business.

SurfDek traction pads provide superior grip when wet, they are customisable and are easy to install. As well as being clean to use, they help protect your board from dints and pressure dings. They work on all board types – Epoxy, PU, Wood and Foam.

How Much Do They Cost?

We’ve tried to keep the price of the pilot product, the Hex Packs, within the range of regular surfboard tail pad (£30-£50) as they cover around the same area – depending on how you put them down. As for custom and bespoke work, this will be on an individual basis depending on the requirements (as we have a lot of manufacturing scope).

SurfDek do not aim to be the cheapest, but to provide something bespoke, quality and made locally.

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