SurfDek Traction

Traction pads for multiple disciplines, developed in-house in the UK.

SurfDek Traction

Traction pads for multiple disciplines, developed in-house in the UK.

SurfDek Surfboard Traction

SurfDek is recognised as the world leader in innovative traction pad design and manufacture, founded on a combined 65 years experience in the watersports and marine industries. Our British state of the art manufacturing facility offers in house research and development, through to design and production.

Our progressive traction pads provide superior grip when wet, they are customisable and are easy to install. As well as being clean to use, they help protect your board from dints and pressure dings.

Works on all board types – Epoxy, PU, Wood and Foam.

New SurfDek Tail Pads

Our tail pads are made with RTM-22™ and feature a signature 4D flex kick (30mm) with a 45 degree incline (20mm) to vert (10mm). These kick tails use a contrast in materials to allow for comfort under your foot along with maximum grip against the vertical wall section of the tail pad, during turns or airs.

Made in the UK.

Shop Hex Pack Surfboard Deck Grip

SurfDek Hex Pads are a minimalistic modular system to customise your surfboard deck pad. RTM-22™ is a new brushed foam formula, meaning no diamonds or pyramids. This creates an even better board feel whilst still maximising grip. Easily create your own surfboard tail pad or surfboard front deck pad.

We recommend you use our Hex Pads with a channel between each one, using the y-shape spacing template we provide. This allows for more grip and even greater performance as water can run off the pads. It also reduces the overall weight across a larger surface area when using multiple pads. If you prefer to of course, you can use our Hex Pads butted up together with one another to make larger pads.

surfboard Traction

Our traction pads provide a solid traction experience for surfing, as well as for – stand-up paddleboarding, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, foil boarding, adaptive surfing, skimboarding, snowboarding, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and wake-skate applications.

Manufactured from the highest quality, UV protected, non-absorbent marine grade RTM-22™ (Radical Traction Material). Each traction piece/sheet has a high bond, pressure sensitive, 3M adhesive backing, making it easy to install, just peel and stick, no specialist tools required.


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