SEAR Plugs Waterproof Earplugs

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SEAR Plugs

Block water, embrace sound
Experience the dual benefit of keeping water out while letting sound in.
Designed by water sports enthusiasts, for our community. 


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Magnetic & Waterproof Case: Equipped with a magnetic closure for easy access. The included carabiner ensures convenient attachment to your backpack or surfbag, making it effortlessly portable for all your travels.

3 sizes of Ear Plugs & Ear Wings: Find your perfect fit with three sizes of earplugs and ear wings, ensuring a watertight seal to protect your ears.

Leash with Floatable Element: Stay connected to your SEAR earplugs at all times with the included leash. Wear it around your neck for easy access and added security. The floatable element ensures that even in the water, your earplugs stay within reach.

Ear Filter with Waterproof Acoustic Mesh: The ear filter, featuring a waterproof acoustic mesh, allows you to experience high hearing clarity while preventing water ingress.

Wearing waterproof earplugs for water sports like surfing, kitesurfing and wing foiling is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Protection from Ear Infections: Prolonged exposure to water can lead to conditions like swimmer’s ear, an infection of the outer ear canal. Earplugs create a barrier that prevents water from entering the ear, reducing the risk of infections.
  2. Preventing Surfer’s Ear: Known medically as exostosis, surfer’s ear is a condition where bone growth occurs in the ear canal due to repeated exposure to cold water and wind. This can lead to hearing loss and frequent ear infections. Earplugs help keep the ear canal warm and dry, minimising the risk of developing this condition.
  3. Reducing Ear Irritation: Constant exposure to saltwater and wind can cause irritation and discomfort in the ears. Earplugs provide a protective seal, keeping the ears comfortable and irritation-free during and after water activities.
  4. Enhancing Focus and Safety: By blocking out excessive wind and water noise, earplugs help surfers and kitesurfers maintain better concentration and awareness of their surroundings. This can improve performance and safety by allowing them to hear important signals and communicate more effectively.
  5. Maintaining Ear Health: Regularly wearing earplugs can contribute to long-term ear health, preventing chronic issues and maintaining optimal hearing ability. This is particularly important for water sports enthusiasts who spend a significant amount of time in the water.

How to wear SEAR Plugs

How to insert SEAR Plugs correctly.


4 reviews for SEAR Plugs Waterproof Earplugs

5.00 out of 5 stars

  1. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5


    Super comfortable and clear sound!

    Very impressed with SEAR Plugs for wing foiling and kitesurfing. They provide a perfect balance between blocking water and being able to hear your surroundings. Due to being so lightweight you almost forget you are wearing them.

  2. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Jasmine K

    No more water clogged in ears

    Getting out there in the water was always followed by the hassle of getting water out of my ears. With SEAR's ear plugs for swimming those days are over. Perfect fit and clear sound!

  3. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Sam K

    Good price

    For anyone into open water swimming like me, these are great option for value for money. Comfortable, don’t lose them, and they block all the water. Solid buy

  4. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Luke P

    Can stay in water for hours now

    Surfing in cold water always left me with ear trouble until I found those. They fit perfectly (I needed large ear plugs with medium ear wings combo), they block cold water, and I can still hear the waves. Plus, they don't get lost thanks to the leash

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